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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Aaargghh! Macarons!

I finally registered myself for a macarons class.

That is after my past 3 failed attempts here, here and here.

I should have attended a class long ago, but part of me was not convinced I could not learn it from Youtube (for free..).

Another part of me was not that enthusiastic about working with icing sugar in the house, for they fly around invisibly and then ants just come without you knowing when and how you attracted them.

The latter was such a strong reason I didn’t mind that the whole world was making macarons (and selling them) while I was still failing.


But a few weeks back. I had to go. If I do them well, I could sell them too, I thought.


It was on a weekend evening. For 3 hours from 7pm, I was hard at work together with about 10 others in the class, making these little guys that we would later so enjoy eating.


Due to the copyright of the class materials, I am not able to share the recipes. But these are important notes that our instructor told us.

1) Temperature

2) Humidity


Chances of making macarons successfully in the home environment is lower, not impossible, but lower, because home kitchens are usually warmer (being non-aircon) and more humid.

In our tropical weather, we cannot do much about humidity except to switch on the aircon or to use a de-humidifier.

It is exceptionally important to let the shells dry before putting them into the oven.


And I knew exactly where my previous attempts went wrong.

First, they shells were not dry enough, hence they did not rise properly -> no feet.

Second, my oven was a too hot -> cracked


Just like the instructor stressed on humidity, I shall repeat again that the shells need to be dry before putting into the oven. When you press with your finger, they are dry, do not stick, yet produces a light dent.


Ok, now that I know the theory, I will try them out someday. On my own. I’m sure they will be nice. The recipe is makes macarons that are not too sweet, and they taste even better after spending a night in the fridge.


Oops, I shall stop enticing you, since I can’t share the recipe (sorry!). Before I try them out on my own (and risk failing again), I shall just look at the pictures of what I made in class and keep smiling silly.







NOTE: My old posts still remain at My Baking Blog and my collection of recipes is still available at My Baking Recipes.
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