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Monthly Archives: January 2014

First post of 2014 – To round up 2013

You would have thought I would have rounded up 2013 yesterday huh? Well, we have to wait till 2013 really ended right?


I was telling Mr D yesterday, that 10 years ago, you would not find me anywhere else on New Year’s Eve, other than at a countdown venue. Whether it was counting down at Marina or Sentosa with large crowds spraying foam or confetti at one another, or in a pub wearing party hats and blowing party horns with smaller crowds, I was bound to be somewhere crowded and noisy, and being able to see fireworks was a must.


Yesterday, at midnight, I was at the airport waiting for my mum to come back from her overseas trip. I had not even realised we had stepped into 2014 until I saw this as I was leaving the toilet, “Good Morning, please rate the cleanliness of our toilet”. Morning? Oh, it’s 2014 already! I checked my watch, exactly midnight. I spent the last few minutes of the year in the toilet.


Last year went by pretty fast. By the end of year, I had really forgotten what had happened in the first 6 months.

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