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Cake therapy

Over the weekend, I went to attend a cake decorating class (the fact that this post comes just 2 days, not 2 months after it has happened, probably means it is quite important to me).


Pouring milk jug cake


If you are into cake decorating, you would be able to tell who the teacher was, just by the picture alone. If you are not into cake decorating, doesn’t matter. It’s been a long time since I have been to one. I kind of become choosy over the classes I am willing to spend money on, now that there is so much free stuff on the internet, and I do like to try to learn on my own first. This particular class, is very costly, at least to me. But there were some things I could not figure out on my own, and I was glad to be there to learn and watch how the teacher did it.


Anyway, there were 10 of us in the class.

The first day, I spent lunch break with a lady, who was like me, making cakes for a living (some others in the class too perhaps, I don’t know). We talked briefly about cakes and stuff over lunch.


The second day, I had lunch with the lady again, and was joined by a few others. During that one hour, our conversation revolved 100% about cakes and all cake decorating stuff. Everyone was so excited talking about cakes.


Now, I do not have a cake buddy. No one in my family bakes. My close friends don’t really bake too. Hence cake decorating topics are  not something that pop up in our conversations.


During that one hour that day, it was like going for therapy.

The few of us round the table were talking about cake stuff, throwing out names of famous cake decorators freely and it was so nice, just to have everyone else know what you are talking about, totally, without having to explain anything.

Going for the class alone makes my heart beat faster, with excitement.

Having such a conversation like that was energizing.


Well, I know, I can just join a cake forum or know more people in my local cake community and so on and so forth. Sometimes, too much of it leads to rivalry, unfriendly competition (though I am 100% percent am a friendly competitor) and what-nots, which I’d rather not be a part of. I think I prefer the randomness and adhoc-ness (if there is such a word) of the conversation that I had with the ladies. It was what made it enjoyable. So enjoyable I have to blog about it. Well, and maybe to show off the cake I made haha. Actually not, there are parts I could have done much better, and I’m not proud of the fact that I did not.


In any case, there was one day that I was playing Chefville on FB (I seem to only play games related to cooking) and was “making a cake” in the game to accomplish some dessert related goals. There were many goals I chose not to do, but I felt like I just had to complete all the ones with cakes in them. So there I was “baking” in the game when Mr D saw it. He said I had spent the whole day baking cakes, yet when I was home at night, I was still “baking” virtually!?! Hahaha yes, I thought it was funny for a moment, but I guess yes, cakes probably are part of my life! In some ways or other, yes, always a part of my life. At the very least, I like to eat them, and would never resist a good slice of cake, or 2, for that matter. With some cream please, and chocolate flavoured cake base is preferred. 🙂



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