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Homemade Wholemeal Bread….again!

Since the other day when I made my own wholemeal bread, I have made it 2 more times. The second time, I made 3 loaves. The third time, I made a loaf, and sprained my back while doing so, what a dumba**!


Actually, I wanted to test out the recipe. The first time, I tweaked a little as I did not have bread flour on hand. The second time, I followed the original recipe exactly. As bread flour contains more protein than plain flour, it has a higher gluten strength. Therefore, the dough is more stretchy and proves better than when using plain flour.


Using bread flour


I made them round shaped and put them on a parchment paper on a baking tray. Bad idea. They stuck to the paper. I should have lightly greased the paper first. Other than that, they turn out pretty well.


Huge mounds


The third time, I changed the proportions of the flours – 2/3 wholemeal, 1/3 bread flour. I managed to bake it in my small loaf tin, which I initially thought was too small, but wasn’t.


bread collage


I sliced them 1/2-inch thick and got about 8 slices. And then while resting my back for the next 2 days, I was thinking how easy it is to make bread! Other than kneading the dough (which makes 5 mins feel like 20 minutes), cleaning up is super easy! No greasy stuff to wash, no mountainload of utensils used. Best of all, no preservatives-laden commercially made bread for the family. There is no excuse for not liking bread. So, try it, will you?


P.S. Photo collage above is made at They are by far, my favourite free photo editing website. But they are closing down on 19 Apr 2012, so you have a few more days to enjoy the last of their services!


Homemade Wholemeal Bread

Welcome to my very first post!

What better way to start it by writing about something on baking!

This was a bread I made 2 weeks back, but I saved it just so that I can post it here first.


I was looking for something to bake and somehow I was not in the mood for sugary or cake stuff (definitely rare!). Just happens that our bread container was running out of bread, so I decided to make some for the next morning’s breakfast.


Before I started, I spent some time on checking out videos on Youtube on how to knead bread dough. The last time I made bread was ages ago, and although I did end up with pretty nice buns, I think I need to brush up my skills on kneading bread doughs. Next, I searched around for some simple recipes. I do not have milk powder at home and did not intend to get any since I rarely would use them, so recipes with that will be out.


There are many simple recipes on Youtube too actually, but finally, I came across this simple one and decided on it.


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NOTE: My old posts still remain at My Baking Blog and my collection of recipes is still available at My Baking Recipes.
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