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Cake therapy

Over the weekend, I went to attend a cake decorating class (the fact that this post comes just 2 days, not 2 months after it has happened, probably means it is quite important to me).


Pouring milk jug cake


If you are into cake decorating, you would be able to tell who the teacher was, just by the picture alone. If you are not into cake decorating, doesn’t matter. It’s been a long time since I have been to one. I kind of become choosy over the classes I am willing to spend money on, now that there is so much free stuff on the internet, and I do like to try to learn on my own first. This particular class, is very costly, at least to me. But there were some things I could not figure out on my own, and I was glad to be there to learn and watch how the teacher did it.


Anyway, there were 10 of us in the class.

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Our dengue epidemic and first death

We had our first case of dengue fever death yesterday.


When I heard the news, there were many questions as to how this could have happened, especially when the patient was a 20-year old young man, who would presumably have a higher chance of being able to fight against the virus. Was there somewhere lacking in the healthcare that he received? Reading the news article did not shed a lot of light on this. But the question of how his blood platelet count dropped to dangerously low levels while being admitted in hospital remains in my head.

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