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Farewell to a fine actor

2 nights ago, I was playing FB games in the room.

D was watching the news in the living room when he suddenly came in and said “Sh*t, Huang Wenyong has died.”

I quickly went out of the room, at the same time saying “what do you mean he has died??”


He had passed away due to lymphoma on 20 April, at the age of 60.


In the recent few years, I had rarely watched local drama serials.

But I definitely remember watching Huang Wenyong all the time when I was young.

In those days, there was little entertainment, so all we did was watch TV.

There were also not that many artistes or variety of programs.

Most of us Singaporeans would remember watching 雾锁南洋, 新兵小传, 迷离夜, 舞榭歌台 etc.

Huang Wenyong plays Ah Shui, the main character in the 雾锁南洋.

The show, together with him, forms part of my childhood memories.

As a kid, I would also learn all their songs and sing along whenever the program was played.

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Historic moments in 2013

It has been almost 2 full months into 2013, and this is my very first post.


We had a historic moment early this year. We have a female opposition party candidate winning a SMC seat in the Punggol East by-election. Hurray! History was created on 26 Jan!


Last 2 weeks we were busy celebrating Chinese New Year. Not that busy for me actually. Not that I had a lot to do for the festive period, except more than a week of grating pineapples for pineapple tarts, and trying frantically in vain to buy new clothes. I can’t believe how much prices in department stores have gone up, and why do so many dresses now look like rags with poor material and holes all over??! I ended up wearing my old clothes which I very much prefer. Brands that were selling dresses at $50-$80 a few years back had their dresses starting from double those prices, with quality that isn’t any better than before. I kept saying to Mr D that I would feel more emotionally balanced if I spent those money buying pots and pans or whatever tools for my kitchen instead. Those few hours of trying to shop left me thinking whether I had been hurling up in a hole these years, or has my thinking been drifting away from that of the masses? To think that at one time, I was a shopaholic??


Even though we had some idiot guy banging into our car from behind on the first day of Chinese New Year (luckily no one was hurt and no major damage done), CNY generally went along better than I had expected, and before we knew it, 24 Feb was the last day of it.


But I want to pen it down, that 16 Feb should be another significant day.


Prior to that day, the government released a White Paper on population. That drove a lot of us nuts. With many issues that are emerging or accumulating (if they have already emerged), we are hearing things that our little island is going to have 6.9M population in 2030, and that Singaporeans are not a big group in that figure.


I honestly really miss those days when we do not feel squeezed for space every where we went. Those days where we do not have so many traffic jams and there roads were much more empty. Now, I feel claustrophobic and reluctant to go out as much as I did, because I do not enjoy jostling that much, and those traffic congestion even late at night at 11pm drive me nuts. The thought of your country being made up not mainly by foreigners also makes it hard to digest for many people. It feels as if we are being squeezed out from our own homes and those at the top can’t feel a single thing. Then the newspaper was filled with letters from the public, with lots of voices and opinions.


But on 16 Feb, there was a protest a demonstration held at Speakers’ Corner. The turnout was huge. About 5000 people turned up despite the rain, with their umbrellas, wanting to have their voices heard. The turnout had far exceeded my expectation. In my entire life, I do not recall seeing anything like this. I had expected people to make noises behind their computer screens, but remain at home when it comes to events like this. This has got to be a day in history. I felt hopeful. I felt proud. I felt protective. I felt happy that people are taking actions to make themselves heard (even though there are several people around me who do not even bother to know what is going on around us and I think they ought to feel ashamed of themselves).

There was a video going being shared around, which showed the event ended with the people singing our National Anthem. As soon as the singing started, the hair on my hand stood. I even had the urge to stand up and sing as I watched. It was that instinctive and emotional. Never felt like that before.


That night, I kept thinking about it and smiled..



Event at Speakers' Corner (picture from Yahoo Singapore)




Japanese Ramen – Menya Musashi @ Raffles City

I like to eat ramen, Japanese type. Not the Chinese type of la mian. And I like to go to different places, but I just cannot remember their names. Just like I know how to go to a lot of places, but I do not remember road names, I remember landmarks (which can be a bad idea in Singapore because landmarks keep changing!).


So far, I like the one at Central, the one which has pork cheeks. I also like the one at Millennia Walk, the one with a lot garlic, and who is ever so willing to pass you more garlic and a grater for you to grate even more garlic to your ramen. I have a good friend, who has unconsciously become my ‘ramen buddy’. We would go for ramen whenever we meet. But more than a week ago, it was a rare occasion that I went with Mr D to this ramen place instead of my ramen buddy.


We happened to be at Raffles City and since it was nearing dinnertime, we went searching for food. And we chanced upon this shop, near one of the Raffles City exits, facing Chijmes. We decided to give it a try. At 5pm plus, there were only 3 other patrons in the shop.


Black ramen broth caught my eye


There were only a handful of items on the menu. What caught my eye was the picture of their signature dish, which shows the ramen being served separately from the broth, and the broth was black. The broth was for you to dip the noodles into, just like eating soba. There were 3 types of broth – white, red and black. The service staff told me that all the broths are pork based. White is the ‘normal’ one, red is spicy and black has sesame and squid ink in it.  You can also choose how the ramen is served, ramen together with the broth, or separate.


White kakuni ramen


Mr D went for the white kakuni ramen, which was served like the usual. I chose the signature Tsukemen and chose the black broth. They also had a promotion to upsize your ramen for free, up to 5 times! Being hungry (and greedy), I decided to ask for double portions. Boy, it was too much for me, good thing Mr D helped me with a little! I thoroughly enjoyed the ramen. There was garlic aroma in the broth and though it looks a little oily, it wasn’t heavy on the stomach. I also like the slight aroma of black sesame. Halfway through, I was even worried I would not have enough broth, but I was glad it was more than enough. In fact, while I usually avoided oily foods in general, I drank all the soup in my bowl.


For the white kakuni ramen, the broth was quite flavoured and I did not find it overly salty. In both versions, the noodles were also cooked just nicely. I found the chasu well-flavoured. The egg was good too, but I had hoped the yolk was more runny.


White kakuni ramen

Black tsukemen


Every now and then, the chefs would shout something loudly and startle me. I have no idea what they were shouting, but the staff were pretty prompt in their service and we did not have to wait long for anything. When we left about an hour later, I realised the place had already been filled up quite quickly.


It’s only now that I am googling to find out the name of this place, that I realised they were just opened for a few days when we visited. Now you guys, don’t rush to go there yet! I don’t want to be in a long queue the next time I am there!



Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City, #01-16 (facing Chijmes)
Singapore 179103

Contact Number: 6336 6500

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am till 10.00pm


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