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Farewell to a fine actor

2 nights ago, I was playing FB games in the room.

D was watching the news in the living room when he suddenly came in and said “Sh*t, Huang Wenyong has died.”

I quickly went out of the room, at the same time saying “what do you mean he has died??”


He had passed away due to lymphoma on 20 April, at the age of 60.


In the recent few years, I had rarely watched local drama serials.

But I definitely remember watching Huang Wenyong all the time when I was young.

In those days, there was little entertainment, so all we did was watch TV.

There were also not that many artistes or variety of programs.

Most of us Singaporeans would remember watching 雾锁南洋, 新兵小传, 迷离夜, 舞榭歌台 etc.

Huang Wenyong plays Ah Shui, the main character in the 雾锁南洋.

The show, together with him, forms part of my childhood memories.

As a kid, I would also learn all their songs and sing along whenever the program was played.

Over the years, he has played various roles in 100 over shows.

We grow old with him, or the other way round.

We have watched him play young men roles, then more fatherly roles.


Actually, till now I still feel shocked and sad by his death, even as I am writing this.

It just shows how much of him is in my memory, without me realising it.

I literally grew up watching all those drama serials by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), because in the 80s, that was almost all we had.

They would come on for an hour every night, and sometimes I would watch the reruns in the afternoons when I am back from primary school.


Last night I told D that I miss listening to Huang Wenyong’s voice and that we will never be able to hear him again.

He doesn’t have a DJ-like kind of voice, but it’s pleasant enough to make him a host as well.

Of course I do not know him personally.

However, he has always come across as a nice and humble person, very unlike what you would expect of a TV star.

In fact, none of the younger artistes in the TV station gives that same down-to-earth air, in my opinion.


Many people said he said he had looked visibly thinner last year on a TV show.

I had no recollection of that because I did not watch it.

However, googling it easily showed pictures of him looking much thinner with sunken eyes.

I would like to remember him with this picture instead, which showed him looking really good.


Good bye Huang Wenyong.


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