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The day technology got the better of me

Yesterday, I had to make a delivery to a school. Before I left, I checked on my PC, where the place was located, so I had a rough idea of where it is. I always have this habit before heading to any place I am not familiar with. But because the school was located in an estate of private houses (read: maze of roads), I used my GPS in the car to lead me through the confusing minor roads in the estate.


Now, I do not always use the GPS as I am familiar with most “common” places, and I would hate to think of the day when my brain stops working if I rely on it too much. In fact, it isn’t mine in the first place. It belongs to my father, but it somehow ended up in my possession. But to be fair, during many occasions, the system had proved to be useful and accurate.


I eventually reached a T-junction near the school. Continue reading

A very pleasant evening

I went to the wedding dinner of my ex-colleague last night. It’s been quite a long time since I went to one and I actually miss going to one. Not that I miss having my dinner stretched over 4 hours, but missing the food! Haha, glutton me. At Chinese wedding dinners, the dishes would usually be quite predictable with some variations sometimes, but they will always be served in the same sequence.


When I was there, I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces. I sometimes feel skeptical about attending such events, especially when it will be filled with people you have not seen for a long time, because there might be awkward moments of silence. Continue reading

Japanese Ramen – Menya Musashi @ Raffles City

I like to eat ramen, Japanese type. Not the Chinese type of la mian. And I like to go to different places, but I just cannot remember their names. Just like I know how to go to a lot of places, but I do not remember road names, I remember landmarks (which can be a bad idea in Singapore because landmarks keep changing!).


So far, I like the one at Central, the one which has pork cheeks. I also like the one at Millennia Walk, the one with a lot garlic, and who is ever so willing to pass you more garlic and a grater for you to grate even more garlic to your ramen. I have a good friend, who has unconsciously become my ‘ramen buddy’. We would go for ramen whenever we meet. But more than a week ago, it was a rare occasion that I went with Mr D to this ramen place instead of my ramen buddy.


We happened to be at Raffles City and since it was nearing dinnertime, we went searching for food. And we chanced upon this shop, near one of the Raffles City exits, facing Chijmes. We decided to give it a try. At 5pm plus, there were only 3 other patrons in the shop.


Black ramen broth caught my eye


There were only a handful of items on the menu. What caught my eye was the picture of their signature dish, which shows the ramen being served separately from the broth, and the broth was black. The broth was for you to dip the noodles into, just like eating soba. There were 3 types of broth – white, red and black. The service staff told me that all the broths are pork based. White is the ‘normal’ one, red is spicy and black has sesame and squid ink in it.  You can also choose how the ramen is served, ramen together with the broth, or separate.


White kakuni ramen


Mr D went for the white kakuni ramen, which was served like the usual. I chose the signature Tsukemen and chose the black broth. They also had a promotion to upsize your ramen for free, up to 5 times! Being hungry (and greedy), I decided to ask for double portions. Boy, it was too much for me, good thing Mr D helped me with a little! I thoroughly enjoyed the ramen. There was garlic aroma in the broth and though it looks a little oily, it wasn’t heavy on the stomach. I also like the slight aroma of black sesame. Halfway through, I was even worried I would not have enough broth, but I was glad it was more than enough. In fact, while I usually avoided oily foods in general, I drank all the soup in my bowl.


For the white kakuni ramen, the broth was quite flavoured and I did not find it overly salty. In both versions, the noodles were also cooked just nicely. I found the chasu well-flavoured. The egg was good too, but I had hoped the yolk was more runny.


White kakuni ramen

Black tsukemen


Every now and then, the chefs would shout something loudly and startle me. I have no idea what they were shouting, but the staff were pretty prompt in their service and we did not have to wait long for anything. When we left about an hour later, I realised the place had already been filled up quite quickly.


It’s only now that I am googling to find out the name of this place, that I realised they were just opened for a few days when we visited. Now you guys, don’t rush to go there yet! I don’t want to be in a long queue the next time I am there!



Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City, #01-16 (facing Chijmes)
Singapore 179103

Contact Number: 6336 6500

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am till 10.00pm


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