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MH370 and MH17

I was trying to hold back writing something about the Malaysian Airlines plane MH370 that had gone missing. It had been several months since it was missing and nothing has been found. Not even any debri or any clue. It seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Just as we are all still buffled and trying to make sense out of the MH370 incident, another one has occurred.


MH17 is trending today, because it was reported to have been shot down while flying over Ukraine airspace.


Pictures and videos of debris and remains of the plane are everywhere on the internet.




When did we become like this?

We have been reading some weird news lately.


For example:

– man entered MRT train and began stripping till he was stark naked and played with his genitals.

– man spit on 2 women in bus interchange

– men getting into a fight on the MRT train

– man standing in front of bus to block it from moving, as bus driver did not want to stop for him because he was not at the bus bay


There are certainly other news we read. News of people getting into brawls over trivial stuff.


Every single time I see news like these, I think to myself that we, people living on this tiny island, are losing our sanity, and these are evidence. The place is so small and crowded we have no space to breathe, we are going mad. Every where you turn, you see hordes of people. Not crowds. Hordes. On weekends, shopping centres are, needless to say, crowded. Or super crowded. I hate meal times at shopping centres, or actually most places. There is almost no place that you do not have to queue for a seat, even at places which do not serve nice food. Our parks are also crowded with people who are trying to escape the crowd at shopping centres.


Where crowds go -> carpark full -> higher chance of bumping into bobo and inconsiderate drivers/ screaming kids/ inconsiderate behaviour -> blood pressure rises -> not enjoyable.


It’s no wonder people are going mad. We are not chickens in Colonel Sander’s pressure cooker. It’s no point trying to fake positivity over what’s reality.


My sanctuary remains at home. Despite the traffic noise, I can gaze out of my window any time and see greenery, lots of it. Or I can watch the cars go by.


How I wish there could be a huge clamp (like those in the toy-catching machines in arcades, or rather better than those, since those claws are always super loose), that heaves me and those around me up to a new place. A place where human beings are human beings.


When did we become like this?


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