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Short Getaway to Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 3 and 4

Ok ok, I know I am getting lazy about updating my blog.

Just a 4D3N trip has taken me so long to update, I can’t imagine if I were to take a 2 weeks holiday to somewhere, I would have needed a year to blog about it!


Day 3 is considered the last day we spend on the island. Actually Day 4 is, but I know we would be lazing in the room after breakfast and waiting for checkout, so that would end up in nothing productive.


We went to rent the scooter again after breakfast, after gaining confidence the day before.


The massage

Then we rode to Chaweng where we had a 3-hour massage session. On our past resort-getaways, we would always use the resort’s spa services, but this time, the much cheaper rates everywhere else looked too good to resist.


We went this place called Another D’s. The name sounds a little funny, especially with the apostrophe there. From the outside, it looks the most modern among others along the street, and we had checked out the prices the evening before, after we had our seafood dinner nearby.

Another D's - spa massage


The place was decent and our 3-hour service (including a body massage, facial, foot scrub and massage) ended in 2.5 hours. If I were to choose, I would prefer the resort’s spa of course. This was not too bad, but it was pretty no frills. A few times, the therapist went away and we did not know where they went to or where they wanted us to go next. Having the facial on a recliner other than a facial bed felt funny to me, but seeking solace from the sun’s scorching heat for those few hours was truly welcome.


Round the island

After the massage, we felt energised and ready to go. We decided to take a leisurely ride round the whole island. We stopped by some place to check out the scenery and took some pictures, though I had no idea where we were.


Stopped by a viewing point along the our ride round the island

The roads are not crowded, the place is peaceful, we were really enjoying it.


We travelled along for some distance and I could see names of resorts I was now familiar with (I have checked almost every single resort on Tripadvisor!). But there is this one which stuck out, because of its colonial facade. There were also a row of shops in front of it, so we stopped for a short break, to go to the restrooms and to get a drink.


Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort


The place turned out to be Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort. It looked pretty grand and impressive, by Samui standards. Lining the driveway are some restaurants, pubs and a coffee place, where we went to and saw most customers there were doing video conferencing!? It must be the faster and free wifi they had there.


Across this row of shops was the beach. But before you reach the beach, you walk through pass a swimming pool first. I was amused that the guests had to cross the road to use the pool? There is another one somewhere in the resort, but still, I am quite amused.


We did not go down to the beach. I only stood on the steps leading to the beach to take photos. In the photo below, somewhere in the middle is a small black dot. That is actually a man who has walked out there to do some fishing! The place was very relaxed, there seemed like few guests, no one was in a hurry for anything. And we continued our journey.


Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach


I had to keep talking to Mr D. Not that he would fall asleep, the roads were too bumpy at some point for him to do so. He was the one riding. I was the one who had nothing to do, other than to look left and right and then shouted “hey! look at that!”. I was under the impression I had to shout in order for him to hear me. I thought the wind would drown my voice. But realising that we were travelling at 50km/h max, I actually did not have to do that. The wind was not strong enough to drown my voice at this rate.


Soon after we left Buddy Oriental, we reached a point on the road where we were going downslope, and then before I could say “woah! That is beautiful! Stop!”, the road led to quite a sharp bend and we missed the point where we could stop the bike beside the road to admire the scenery. That turned out to be the area where the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks were. They are named as such because the rocks somehow resembles the genitals of a male and female. Errm..doesn’t sound very attractive if you ask me. I did not see the rocks while on the bike. I was trying to see if I could, but before I knew it, we were past the area. But it was a beautiful scene, I surely remembered. That looked like where urban city people should spend their time to sort out their cluttered minds.


We only rode along the main road 4169, so we could have missed many other beaches and beautiful sights. Still, as we entered different towns, there were different interesting sights. There were towns where we see almost none of tourist activities, there was a town where (I think) all the car showrooms are located in, there were local markets and numerous houses and shops along the road.


I was particularly amazed at the randomness of all these. In Singapore, flats or houses are clustered. You would almost never see a house that stands by itself without a neighbour for 50metres. Not on Koh Samui. We saw houses and shops that seemed to “spring out of nowhere”. We saw shops which seemed to sell nothing but a few glass bottles of fuel displayed at the exterior of the shop. I kept asking myself how much do they earn? Are they earning enough? Perhaps someone else in their families worked elsewhere. If so, where do they work and what jobs? Other than tourism related jobs, I do not see much of other jobs on the island. I was naively intrigued. It is an urban disease, I think, to even think about these questions.


We decided to stop by Namuang Waterfalls since we had some time. Along the way in to the waterfall, we saw a buffalo working outside a house. It was so still, we wondered if it was a statue. Haha, urban folks! There was a small area where we could park our bike before walking in to the waterfall. And we had to pay for parking! We never had to pay at any place on the island so far. There was a booth which looked simply like a makeshift stall that sells drinks, ointment (for mosquitos I assume!) and collect parking fees.


After paying for parking, we trekked into the forest to reach the waterfalls, which we were told was 10 minutes away. I was feeling a little adventurous. Trekking! I am an urban girl remember? Trekking is not what we do in a concrete jungle. But I had my fears. It was hot. I was sticky, sweaty, not to forget a little scared. The path was narrow. At first I walked behind Mr D. But it was difficult for him to walk ahead while holding my hand. So at some point when the path was less narrow, we switched places and I walked in front instead. Out of nowhere, there came a group of 3 caucasian guys. They were impatient, I know, because I was slow. And they could not overtake me, the path was too narrow. They were talking in a language I did not understand but sorry guys, I could not go faster. Besides, my feet was so wet my flip-flops were slipping! That was the main reason I was scared. I was afraid they would slip and make me lose my balance and I would fall down the forest below. The heat was making my feet sweat like mad, plus the earlier massage we had left some oil on my feet. Damn!


Finally! We reached Namuang Waterfalls I. This is it?? I was disappointed. There was hardly much water coming down. We heard water falling somewhere, but visually, the amount if water was not that much. The 3 caucasian guys took a few looks, snapped a few pictures and headed back up, all in less than 3 minutes. We did the same. Worse, I only took 2 pictures, and they turned out blurred. There was a sign saying that Namuang Waterfalls II is 80m higher up, about 30minutes walk away (less I think). But it was too much for me. I was already uncomfortable enough with all that sweat and stickiness, and I could not imagine myself gripping hard on my flip-flops for another 30 minutes or so.


We left and as we continued our journey, we saw elephants trekking and also huge coconut plantations. We passed by the Koh Samui Provincial Court building, which turned out the be the biggest building I have seen over the entire trip. I was wondering for such a small population, do they need such a big court?


Anyway, we reached Nathon area where it was bustling with activity on the piers and the night market was just being set up. We could not afford to stop anymore as we had planned to reach our resort before it turns really dark. As we passed Nathon, we rode some distance along the coastline and saw the sunset. It was quite romantic, we were riding and watching the sunset. It was beautiful.


After some monotonous riding, we had to stop. We had a flat tyre. And we did not know exactly where we were. There were no landmarks. We stopped by a 7-11 store to ask directions to any motor workshop. As this is not a tourist area, the staff did not understand English. They had no idea what I was saying, until they looked outside and saw Mr D and the flat tyre. They directed us to a shop just about 20 metres further down, where a young chap helped us change the tyre and checked the other one as well. Phew! In hindsight, I do not know what we would do if the tyre shop was closed. There were no other shops in sight.


We decided to bypass our resort and head to Fisherman’s village for dinner. Being back in Bophut would mean we have completed a whole trip around the island. We were famished and settled for a restaurant on the beach. The sun was still setting and we could see the last moments of it setting while waiting for our food.


Sunset seen from Fisherman's village, Bophut


Our dinner was nice, but we were on a budget. Actually we could spend, but we preferred to use up all the cash before we swipe our credit cards. So, after the meal, we were left just nicely with THB60, which would be just enough for us to buy bottled water at the airport the next day. And you bet we slept like logs that night.



Day 4

After breakfast and requesting for late checkout, we did nothing else except to nap and to wait for the transport to get us to the airport. Everything went pretty smoothly except that we could only buy 1 glass of iced coffee with THB60 at the airport. Which was fine since we are used to sharing drinks. The airport is a place which looks very different from the rest of island. Departure hall is slightly bigger than the arrival one, but still, it is pretty small. And not air-conditioned.


We boarded the flight reluctantly, especially when I saw how pretty the island looked from the air. The trip had been short, but very memorable.



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