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A useful reminder to ourselves

Was just thinking about some stuff recently and I realise that it’s funny how selfish humans can be. There are times we should feel happy for others but we choose to bitch about them instead, though we know jolly well deep inside what we are doing. It could be out of bitterness, jealousy, whatever. I am guilty of it sometimes. But it is definitely not healthy and not something we should regularly indulge in.


There are times we hope someone could genuinely say “Congratulations!” or ” I am happy for you!”. Instead, they talk behind your back, judging you in other ways. Not good at all. Just a big bunch of sour grapes.


On a separate note, I went to the book fair 2 weeks back (yeah! I was just thinking I hadn’t been reading for a while and had run out of books at home) to see what I could grab. In the past, I had bought books from unknown authors (most of them are unknown to me anyway) and had discovered some really good ones. This time was no exception.


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The day technology got the better of me

Yesterday, I had to make a delivery to a school. Before I left, I checked on my PC, where the place was located, so I had a rough idea of where it is. I always have this habit before heading to any place I am not familiar with. But because the school was located in an estate of private houses (read: maze of roads), I used my GPS in the car to lead me through the confusing minor roads in the estate.


Now, I do not always use the GPS as I am familiar with most “common” places, and I would hate to think of the day when my brain stops working if I rely on it too much. In fact, it isn’t mine in the first place. It belongs to my father, but it somehow ended up in my possession. But to be fair, during many occasions, the system had proved to be useful and accurate.


I eventually reached a T-junction near the school. Continue reading

A very pleasant evening

I went to the wedding dinner of my ex-colleague last night. It’s been quite a long time since I went to one and I actually miss going to one. Not that I miss having my dinner stretched over 4 hours, but missing the food! Haha, glutton me. At Chinese wedding dinners, the dishes would usually be quite predictable with some variations sometimes, but they will always be served in the same sequence.


When I was there, I was pleasantly surprised to see many familiar faces. I sometimes feel skeptical about attending such events, especially when it will be filled with people you have not seen for a long time, because there might be awkward moments of silence. Continue reading

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