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The land where old things do not quite exist

Singapore is the land of new things. New roads, new buildings, new landscape spring up at an amazingly rapid pace.


A few weeks ago, we have had to say goodbye to East Coast Park McDonald’s. I don’t even care to know what that area is exactly called, because once you say East Coast Mac, everyone knows where it is, no further directions needed. I think every Singaporean would have quite a lot of memories from there. Whether it was a school excursion to the park, class gathering at the chalets, family BBQs or romantic strolls by the beach, we would have ended up at McDonald’s somehow or other. There is (or should I say ‘was’ now) also a bowling alley, and a Tunglok restaurant, where my ex-colleagues and I would go for dimsum buffet lunch whenever we felt like splurging from our paypockets.

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