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Singapore sad

Goodbye little ones

Today,  we read about the news that some of the bodies of the students missing from Mt Kinabalu during the earthquake 2 days ago, had been found. As at time of writing this post, a teacher and a student are still unaccounted for.

As I read the news, tears flowed and my heart sank together with those who has lost a child, a friend or a teacher in this unfortunate incident.

No words will ever be able to describe what the parents are going through. I may not have a child,  but I totally feel their pain and my heart goes out to them.

These young lives had promising days ahead of them. They are gone far too soon. For the ones who made it home alive safely, it was traumatic what they had experienced. Adults would have felt traumatic if we had gone through something like this, let alone young 12-year olds.

Our PM has announced tomorrow to be. Day of Remembrance, and flags at national buildings will be flown at half mast.

It is sad. We had been having hot and sunny days this week, but today just about the time the news came that bodies of the children were found, the skies were grey and rain fell, as if crying with us.

Rest in peace little ones. Families of those who have lost their lives, we are grieving with you.

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