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Short Getaway to Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 2

Just in case you were wondering whether Day 2 even existed, it did, of course. Just that I had been busy making tons of cake pops over the 2 weeks and also nursed a slight cold at the same time, so updating of my blog took a backseat.

So, let’s continue talking about my trip to Koh Samui. Warning: long post with pictures.



Day 2


After a good night’s sleep, we were awoken by birds’ singing (which I later guessed must have been from singing birds kept by the resort). The sun rose beautifully and we were able to see our surroundings more clearly.


Our room and resort surroundings – Bandara Resort and Spa

We have no complains about the room. It was clean and of ample size for us.


Ours was a Deluxe room with a King sized bed. There was a daybed too.


A sliding door separates the bathroom from the bedroom, so if you were sitting in the bathtub, just push the TV to face you and you can watch TV from the tub. Within the bathroom itself, there was a separate shower and toilet area. Actually, we could watch TV while sitting on the toilet bowl too haha! And of course there is another door at the side, surely we did not need to climb through the bathtub whenever we needed the toilet!

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Short Getaway to Koh Samui, Thailand – Day 1


Took a short 4D3N trip to Koh Samui over the weekend and had a pretty good time.


Day 1

Day 1 was almost non-existent, since we took a night flight. By the time we arrived, it was about 9pm local time.


The flight

For someone who does not enjoy flying (I get airsick), the short flight of 1hr 25 min was quite a relief. Nevertheless, I took my airsick pills, wore my accupressure bands, drank ginger tea beforehand, and hoped for the best. Everyone would tell me “it’s all in your head!”. Oh right, wait till you feel as terrible as me, and start puking all the time, then it’ll be my turn to shout the same to you. Always makes me wonder how I survived a 20hr flight to and from New York many years ago. I slept almost 18-19 hours of the flight, so much so that the crew had to wake me up a few times, I guess to make sure I was still alive.

The flight on Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui was on a small plane, as expected, and it was only more than half full. Honestly I had never heard of this airline before. It was only when reading up on Koh Samui, that I learnt that Bangkok Airways used to monopolise the flights to and from Koh Samui, not anymore though.

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