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The day technology got the better of me

Yesterday, I had to make a delivery to a school. Before I left, I checked on my PC, where the place was located, so I had a rough idea of where it is. I always have this habit before heading to any place I am not familiar with. But because the school was located in an estate of private houses (read: maze of roads), I used my GPS in the car to lead me through the confusing minor roads in the estate.


Now, I do not always use the GPS as I am familiar with most “common” places, and I would hate to think of the day when my brain stops working if I rely on it too much. In fact, it isn’t mine in the first place. It belongs to my father, but it somehow ended up in my possession. But to be fair, during many occasions, the system had proved to be useful and accurate.


I eventually reached a T-junction near the school.

The school would be there if I turned left, just like the GPS kept asking me to do. But I could not. It was a one-way street and I could ONLY turn right! And once I turned right, the GPS would go crazy, it would keep leading me  back to the T-junction and ask me to turn left again. So I told it to shut the hell up and drove a few rounds to find the school gate. After about 3 rounds, I found it. The EXIT driveway. Where is the entrance? What an elusive school! I reckon I would have to drive around it to find the entrance. But after what felt like another 3 rounds, each round bigger than the previous one, there is no sight of the entrance.


I stopped somewhere and turned to my street directory. Yes, my trusty almost ten-years-old street directory. The one that is printed on paper and does not talk to me. I was so glad I did not throw it away. It showed me which of the streets were one-way and I had a nice overview of the maze I was in. But from where I was, it would be faster to in to the school through the exit gate BY FOOT. Besides, the customer was already waiting for me. So I did.


After the delivery was done, I still wanted to find the entrance, I wanted to see it. I went a final round, somewhere up a little hill where there was this small road, and there it was, the school’s entrance. What the hell, I thought to myself, is a school’s entrance doing at this small little road so hidden? I cannot imagine the traffic that builds up in the area during hours when school starts and ends. Besides, can’t they put up more signs? Anyway, after I left the place, I glared at my GPS, scolded it for a while and then smiled lovingly at my street directory.

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